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Innovative Solutions

Box Containers

As Indian Railways seeks to attract more cargo from the roads and increase its share in the total domestic-freight movement, it is considering innovations in hardware such as tweaked containers suitable to move two wheelers and three wheelers.
Six of these boxes can fit into a train wagon, which otherwise can carry only one international standard container of forty feet unit (FEU) or two twenty feet unit (TEU) boxes. Total of eight two wheelers or three, three wheelers can be fit into one box container, therefore enabling one full rake of 45 wagons to carry 2160 two wheelers or 810 three wheelers. For last mile delivery, cube containers can be loaded separately into small trucks thus simplifying a distribution for small quantities.
The Cube container operating model proposes an end-to-end service approach — from as close as possible to origin, to as close as possible to destination — thus reducing logistic costs.
The introduction of Cube containers in the system is expected to increase loadings substantially, as the Cube rake has the capacity of carrying a total of 675 tons of parcel cargo.
IndiaLinx is working closely with Kalyani Cast Tech the manufacturer of cube containers along with OEMs to develop rail solutions for transportation of two/three wheelers.
Intermodal Solutions for Auto Movement
Developing solutions to transport cars using R-Raks (cassettes) using dedicated 40-foot-high cube containers with a capacity to transport four standard size sedans in one 40-foot container.
IndiaLinx offers below advantage by offering R-Raks solutions for auto movement.
  1. Long distance movement of 180 cars at a time by Rail using dedicated 40’ HC containers compared to piecemeal movement by Road Carriers.
  2. Safer handling & Transit using R-Raks (Cassettes)
  3. Improved Security throughout the Journey. Containers Sealed & tracked from beginning to the End.
  4. A Cost-Effective Solution.
  5. ECO Friendly Mode of Transport. Reduced Carbon Footprint & Fuel-efficient mode of Transport used (i.e.) in Rail and partially on Road haul.
  6. Availability of dedicated fleet of 40’ HC containers for this movement.
  7. Operations managed by a team of professionals, experienced in inter-modal movement of finished cars.