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Direct Port Delivery for import (DPD) / Direct Port Entry for export (DPE) Services

Priority railing for customers who want customs clearance at ports, involving first/last mile movement to/from inland ICDs. Both DPD and DPE are special green channel facilities which allow customers to reduce cost, without sacrificing supply chain efficiency.

Direct Port Discharge (DPD)

Direct Port Discharge (DPD) allows importers to complete customs clearance of their shipment and take delivery of it at the port within a stipulated time frame (usually 48 hours) of the shipment being offloaded.
Custom clear hinterland cargo at ports can then move on container trains on merchant haul.
Benefits offered by DPD :-
  • It cuts the delivery time of import cargo by five to seven days.
  • Importers save on storage, ground rent, CFS handling and terminal-to-CFS transport charges as well as detention fees payable to the carrier.
  • The DPD clearance and delivery facility is open 24x7.
  • Quicker delivery means faster turnaround of containers for shipping lines.